Little Rose Nature School

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Melissa Steele

Samantha Latimer

Our Address 

2421 Elder Mill ​Road

Watkinsville, GA 30677


COST: Workshops are individually priced.  20% Multiple-kid discount available. Most classes have age range of 4 -12 and beyond.  We mix ages really well here.  We like for big's and little's to help each other out! It's good for everyone!  

PLEASE  PRE-PAY at our website shopping cart!  It is really hard for us to manage taking money on the day of the event, as we are sure you can understand.

There is a lot going on that day! We also sometimes have folks say they are coming, we plan for them, then they don't show up. Pre-paying helps us know who is really coming!

We are grateful for your cooperation on this aspect!  Thank you!

DROP OFF & PICK UP:  Parents or Buses may drop off kids at the Little Rose Nature School Entrance or parking area where they will be greeted by staff for the walk down to the school area. Then we will break into groups with instructions and move into the stations as each program requires. We will work within our groups and switch up as need be so that everyone gets a chance to experience each station's events!

If we are going into the woods, we go single file behind an instructor during warm weather lest we should encounter wildlife.

There will be no free romping in the woods in warm weather...we all stick together!  In winter we romp a little more as snakes and bugs hibernate!

At noon'ish we will take a lunch / potty break (porta john's on site)and potty breaks are always available when you gotta go!

RAIN PLAN: Unless it's torrential rain, we won't reschedule.

If it's going to rain hard with lightning, we will let you know ahead of time so that we can select a new date for the event, hopefully within a few days!

MORE INFO: Parents are welcome to join us on any and all LRNS adventures! If you choose to drop of your child, or your child is coming as part of a field trip, we will need parents contact info.

Please see the website registration for each event for further instruction.

Waiver signature required at registration. Children with Allergies must bring their own meds.

If your child is not potty trained and you feel an event is within his or her range of interest, please feel free to contact us about attending the event with your child!  We love that!


Feel free to message, call, or text Melissa with questions: