LRNS Staff

Melissa Steele, Founder

Melissa will serve as the schools general coordinator, integrating nature based projects into the curricula, doing all marketing and promotion of the school, and oversee all hiring of staff. Melissa created Little Rose Nature School and has been running all

aspects of the school solo during it's inception in 2014. Her career of interior design over the previous 30 years taught her innovative project management skills, and her lifelong love of children and a natural way with them called her to create this

unique and much loved school. As an artist she has the ability to spark imagination in children and adults,

and as a natural leader, all are drawn to her free-spirited approach to learning.  

     Samantha Latimer, Co-founder, Co-Director

Samantha will serve as the schools assistant director and will develop the schools educational programs and curricula

and lead the learning sessions on site.  Samantha is certified teacher in the state of Georgia She received her degree from Piedmont College in Athens, Georgia in 2013. Samantha is certified to teach ages kindergarten through fifth grade. Samantha

has taught in a local public school for a year and taught in the public schools of Thailand for a year.

During her year as a teacher in Thailand, Samantha was able to explore what education is like outside of the walls

of a classroom. Through her experiences she has formed a dream of leading and teaching children to explore the

world around them. Samantha has a deep passion for learning and nature, her dream is to combine the two in

hopes of creating a youth who is educated and passionate for the world that surrounds them. 


Stephanie Strickland, Program Director

Stephanie will help develop the schools experiential educational programs and curriculum. Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Arts

in International Relations from Agnes Scott College and also a Master's in the Art of Teaching at Piedmont in

Secondary Education - Social Sciences. She has a addendum to her masters degree (Ga State University) in behavior disorders . She served as a traditional educator for 10 years, and has been an educational consultant for the past twelve years.

Stephanie also was a full instructor for The North Carolina Outward Bound School for three and a half years leading experiential

and expeditionary courses with both youth and adults. Her dream is to help provide opportunities For learning and self realization to youth to extend learning and growth beyond the classroom, engaging in activities to build proficiency in self-reliance, environmental awareness and stewardship, collaboration, and compassion. The hope is that  children will learn to connect

with their dreams, nature, the world around them and truly begin to find their own unique passions.